2014-2015 Season” Play On”






“Play On”  


Cast of Characters                                     Played by

Aggie Manaville  (a stage manager and prompter )                                              Mary T Mannion

Geraldine” Gerry” Dunbar (the director)                                                                Nanette McDonagh

Henry Benish (a character actor)                                                                            Eamon Gallagher

Polly Benish (a character actress)                                                                          Noelle Mekekitarian

Marla “Smitty ” Smith (a supporting actress)                                                     Tracy Geraghty

Saul Watson  (supporting actor)                                                                            Michael Coleman

Billy Carewe(asupporting actor)                                                                           Kieran Brennan

Voilet Imbry (a supporting actress)                                                                      Grainne Brennan

Louise Peary (a sound and lighting technician)                                                 Coroline McGown

Phyllis Montague (a novice playwright)                                                              Catriona Coleman

Backstage Crew

Stage Manager:                                                            Jimmy Coleman

Costumes:                                                                     Ursula Brennan / Mary Walsh

Set Design & Construction                                         John James Maye /  Peter Molloy / Peter Davey

Set Décor                                                                       Jimmy Coleman

Set Props                                                                       Anita Feely / Ann Marie O Neill

Sound                                                                            David Brennan / Conan Marren / Derek Foy

Lighting                                                                        Peter Davey / Benny Henery / Sean Johnston /Alan Dunne


Director;  Tom Walsh

Time;                                                                            The Present

Locale :                                                                        The Stage of a Community Theatre.


Act one

A  rehersal of Phyllis “Murder Most Foul ”

Act Two

The Dress Rehersal of the Play

Act Three

Opening Night of the Play

The Play Within The Play

“Mourder Most Foul”

  A Murder Mystery by Phyllis Montague

Lord Dudley                                     Played by;          Henery Benish

Lady Margaret                                 Played by;          Polly Benish

Doris the Maid                                Played by            Saul Watson

Doctor Rex Forbes                          Played by           Billy Carewe

Dianna Lassiter                               Played by           Voilet Imbry

Backstage Crew

Stage Manager / Prompter / Props / Gofar                                            Aggie Manville

Lighting / Sound / Set Design / Set Construction/

Curtain Puller / Coffee Maker                                                                  Louise Peary

Director ; Geraldine  “Gerry Dunbar”

Patrons please note as well as taking some time to study the location of the fire exits.

You should also take some time to study this programme.


A theatre group try desperately to put on a play amid all kinds of maddening interference from its

author who keeps revising the scrpt. Opening night anything that can go wrong does , with some

hilarious results.

About the Group

The Phoenix Players was first formed in  1945   and a part from a few lapses have been active

participants on the festival circuit ever since. The group pride themselves in drawing their cast and

crew from  Tubbercurry and it’s hinderland. After 70 years in existence the group are proud to be

still ” playing on”



This play will be performed in St Brigids hall on  thu 19th  fri 20th  Feburary @8pm


This performance will appear in the following 3 Act Festivals

Claremorris , Ballinamore , Roscommon,

Kiltyclougher , Ballyshannon, and Cavan . And Qualified for the All Ireland in Kilmuckeridge ,


CLAIRMORRIS    Best Supporting Actress – Grainne Brennan

Best Sound – David Brennan, Conan Marren , Eoin Gallagher.

ROSCOMMON     Adjudicator’s  Award – Jimmy Coleman & Backstage Team .



Best Supporting Actor – Kieran Brennan.

Best Supporting Actress – Mary Mannion.

Most promising Actor  – Tacey Geraghty.


KILTYCLOUGHER    Best Supporting Actress – Noelle Mekitarian.

Most Promising Actor  – Tracey Geraghty.


BALLYSHANNON        Won Confined Section

Best Actor  – Eamon Gallagher .


CAVAN                            Won Confined Section .

Best Actress Noelle Mekitarian.

Best Actor – Kieran Brennan.





Jimmy Coleman,

Derek Foye,

John James Maye,

Peter Molloy,

An enjoyable year was had by all,



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