The Phoenix is the bird of fire, that from the ashes rises,
and in its name, some normal folk, appear in many guises,
The roles they take and speeches make, can often cause surprises.
and like the mad March hare, in Spring go roaming after prizes.

For sixty years this motley group, start meeting in September.
and people often wonder what, it takes to be a member.
They’ll scour the town, for cap or gown, or barrow made of timber,
but when the owner wants it back, nobody can remember.

Then comes the night when all are called, to see them strut their paces,
the treasurer, with haunted look, prays for few empty spaces.
The lights are dulled, the curtain pulled, the actors take their places,
and nervously the lines are cast, ore’ a sea of darkened faces.

Backstage, the nerves are running wild, the butterflies are flying,
a front house bulb has just blown up, the light man’s gently sighing,
the producer moans, in quite vile tones, the whole damn show is dying,
and the ladies swear while dressing up, they caught some shagger spying.

On some great nights, the gods smile down, and laughter lifts the ceiling,
or the twist of a quite tragic plot leaves the watchers reeling.
To loud applause, the actors pause, tonight the “joker’s” dealing,
O’ the warm response, of a happy house, there is no greater feeling.

Another night, it’s Murphy’s law, the jammed door will not open,
the leading man who has the flu, is like a bullfrog, croaking,
the doctor’s clock, from antique stock, gets trodden on and broken,
and the climax line that explains the plot, is never even spoken.

And every year the call goes out, “new members we require”,
no one knows from show to show, what roles they might “inspire”,
a quiet boy who, would not say “boo”, could play the evil squire,
or the teacher from the infant school, seduce the local lawyer.

At festivals they match the best, excellence is their measure,
and afterwards, recall past shows, fond memories they treasure.
Here’s to all those, who gladly chose, this outlet for their leisure,
and thought being members of this group, a privilege and pleasure.
©PeN 02/2004



The official Phoenix Players book provides much additional information and follows the group from their inception in 1945 all the way to the year 1995. The book is 106 pages, printed in black and white.


  • Cast listings, awards received, venues staged and memories of every production staged from 45-95
  • Memoirs and chronicles written by senior members
  • Various photos from each period including many rare photos from the early days
  • Period summaries written by prominent members of the group
  • Many other miscellaneous articles

The book costs €7.00 + €1 p+p. You can order the following ways:

  • Ring 071 91 85822
  • Ask a member of the group after a live performance